Incentive Management

Population health and wellness programs are most successful when they incentivize employees for their participation and health achievement.

You’ve heard about all the benefits a wellness program can bring to your employees, but how does it all really come together? At PopSpring, we understand it can be challenging to motivate employees to make positive lifestyle choices. In order to ensure the success of your wellness program and inspire personal health change for your employees, PopSpring Wellness offers an integrated incentive management solution.

Our plan ensures the challenges faced by most standard wellness programs won’t be a concern for your population by tracking employee wellness participation against assigned goals and distributing rewards and incentives upon completion. By using this approach, PopSpring is able to provide customized reporting and actionable data giving valuable insight into program performance. As a bonus, employees remain engaged as they access incentive goals, challenges, educational materials, and earn points through a user-friendly portal that can be accessed on their desktop or mobile device.


This all seems like a lot to juggle, but we have a cohesive and manageable platform to perfectly administer its many capabilities. Functions such as enrollment and eligibility, payor administration, pharmacy benefit management, and mobile device activities that are typically performed through different systems are seamlessly integrated into your incentive program. Integrated data enables greater comprehensive analysis and reporting, including financial claims impact, participation maturity profile, and risk-stratified outcomes.

Data Intelligence

Just think of us as your personal Central Intelligence Agency, except more personable. Through PopSpring Wellness’ platform, our customers have access to consistent and clear information across all data sources. The operating system’s flexible framework produces rich search and analysis capabilities to easily develop health models and predictive risk profiles. This way, you are able to generate customized reports and gain valuable insight into your program’s performance.


First, it’s our people meeting your people. Our dedicated team of experts actively engages participants on an outbound basis to cultivate participation and interest. Our member portal has many user-friendly features that engages employees in wellness activities and keeps them actively participating through the duration of the wellness program. The web-based member portal and mobile app allows access to incentive points earned, health screening results, digital health coaching modules, and educational content focused on personal health improvement. Everything we do leads to more engaged, more inspired, and more fulfilled employees.